OCTOBER 14-16, 2016




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We promote and encourage future artists and artisans in the art, media, and technology of filmmaking. We work hard to further public awareness and appreciation of motion pictures as an art form. We want to support the education of the general public in these areas by hosting annual film exhibitions, lectures, seminars, workshops, and other activities.

The Opening Night Preview at HAPO Stage has been Cancelled Due to Rain and Wind


Challenge Begins October 6th, 2016

Filmmaking teams had just one weekend to make a short film. Writing, shooting, and editing must be completed within a 72 hour window beginning the evening of Thursday October 6th at 6pm and ending Sunday night at 6pm. This short production period puts the focus on quick decisions and decisive shooting. It also forces some of us to “just shoot it” with often outstanding results.


2015 Winners

Winners of the 8th Annual 2015 Tri-Cities International Film Festival (TRIFI) will spotlight short and feature films made by fans on limited budgets but unlimited imagination.

Predator: Dark Ages
The House at the End of Time (La Casa del Fin de los Tiempos)
The Nostalgist
Mythica A Quest for Heroes
Dead Hearts
American’s Blues

April TRIFI Film Makers Meetup

TRIFI series of film makers meetup will be this Thursday, April 13th at 6:30pm at Brandcraft Media in Richland.
TRIFI Meetup Subject
Story Structure: Film Pre-Production
What needs to be done before you shoot your film

TRIFI Monthly Meetup Meetings

Coming on Thursday, January 12, 2017 – TRIFI Monthly Meetup Meeting…6:30pm at Brandcraft Media (140 Gage Blvd #102, Richland, WA) See you there! January TRIFI Meetup Subject… Story Structure: The Basis for a Good Film To kick off the TRIFI Filmmakers Monthly Meet-Ups we are launching a How To Make A Movie series. And we’ll… Continue Reading

TRIFI Film Freeway Film Submissions now open for 2017

TRIFI film fest Film Freeway opens today with an early bird special on film submission fees….2016 TRIFI screening events include; Radcon 7A in Pasco WA, (February) Seattle Crypticon, (May) Worldcon 75 film festival, (August – Helsinki, Finland) and TRIFI film festival (Tri-Cities WA, October) Submit your film today!!   https://filmfreeway.com/festival/TriCitiesInternationalFilmFestival Continue Reading

2016 TRIFI 72 hr Challenge Awards

TRIFI International Film Festival (TRIFI) Announces Winners of its 72 Hour Film Challenge    The Tri-Cities International Film Festival (TRIFI) announced the winners of the 72 Hour Film Challenge tonight at the Uptown Theater in Richland. The TRIFI 72 Hour Challenge is an annual filmmaking event sponsored by TRIFI. Competing filmmaking teams are provided a… Continue Reading

2016 TRIFI Awards

2016 TRIFI Film Awards Features SF&F Feature Film – Virtual Revolution (USA) Horror Feature Film – Dark Tapes (USA) Comedy Feature Film – Dumbells (USA) Shorts SF&F short – Zero (Spain) Horror short – Vicious (UK) Animation – Lila (Argentina) Comedy – Strange Bedfellows (USA) Documentary – America’s  Boulevard: A Mural on MLK  (USA) Fan… Continue Reading

2016 TRIFI 72 hour Film Challenge News!!

The 2016 TRIFI 72 hr Film Challenge is now history…Films were submitted and judged last night…We were amazed of the quality and film subjects that was produced in just 72 hours by local film makers…All 72 hr teams are winners in our book!! Get your tickets today and come on support our local film makers…72… Continue Reading