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SMART Documentary Coming to Tri-Cities

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Washington State Premiere!!
SMART Documentary Feature Film
Director Justin Zimmerman in Attendance!!
Friday October 20, 2017 – 7:30pm – Uptown Theatre, Richland WA

SMART captures the heart and soul of a unique team of Animal Control officers in Los Angeles, who specialize in saving the animals most at risk. The documentary, directed by Justin Zimmerman (Fireland, The Titanic of Southampton) and executive produced by Kimberly Zimmerman, is being distributed by Cinema Libre Studio. The 74-minute film has been an Official Selection at 19 festivals, nominated for 12 awards and won 7 including Best Feature, Best Documentary, Audience Award and Best Photography.SMART team members are doggedly determined to save animals. Their passion for alleviating animal suffering has always guided their path through life. We will do anything and everything we can to rescue an animal,said Annette Ramirez, Animal Services Personnel and SMART team member. We’ll go buy whatever it is we need. It’s not unusual to go to the store and put down $500 on some equipment…out of our own pocket. We just really believe in what we are doing. The first of its kind in the United States, SMART is uniquely trained unit within the Animal Services division that risks life and limb to rescue domestic and wild animals in the most precarious situations.

Since its inception, SMART has won the Higgins & Langley Award, the top accolades for swiftwater rescue teams globally. The team also makes school visits at least once a month and participates regularly in emergency preparedness.

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