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2017 TRIFI Film Festival Awards

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Tri-Cities International Film Festival (TRIFI) Announces the 2017 Festival Winners.   

The Tri-Cities International Film Festival (TRIFI) announced the winners of the 2017 festival last night at the Uptown Theater in Richland, WA.

The TRIFI Film Festival is in its ninth year and has grown to include 206 film submissions this year from 22 different countries.

This year’s Festival ran from Friday, October 20th through Sunday October 22nd in Richland, WA. Films shown included independent award winning feature films, documentaries and shorts in the Sci-Fi, Animation, Horror, Documentary, Drama, Comedy and Fan Film genres.

Films were shown in two (2) different Richland venues:  the Uptown Theater and Confluent Space.


This year’s 2017 TRIFI Film Contest Winners were:


SF&F Feature Film                           Hostile (France)

Horror Feature Film                        Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories  (USA)

Comedy Feature Film                       The Lady Killers (USA)

Documentary Feature Film             S.M.A.R.T. (USA)


Short Films  (less than 30 minutes)

SF&F short                             Might (Finland)

Horror short                           Blight (USA)

Animation                               Moom (Japan & USA)

Comedy                                    Gorilla  (France)

Documentary                         The Secret World of Foley (UK)

Drama                                     Lost Face (Australia/Canada)

Fan Film                                  Hoshino – Star Wars Fan Film (USA)


Additional Information:

Feature Films

Hostile – SF&F Feature – France

Director:  Mathieu Turi

Running Time:  83m

Juliette, a lone survivor of an apocalyptic era, fights to survive against hunger, thirst, a broken leg and strange disturbing creatures that only comes out at nighttime.


Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories – Horror Feature – USA – PG-17

Director:  Sean Blevins, John William Holt, Jon Maynard, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Justin M. Seaman & James Treakle

Running Time:  118m

A couple plans to purchase an old home, but would like one last tour before the closing. They’re guided around the estate by a creepy realtor that may have more in store than they bargained for. Searching floor by floor, they begin to discover the remnants of its sordid and terrifying past… A popular 80’s franchise gets a modern upgrade, but at what price? On Halloween night a teen left home alone meets a trick or treater that wants more than just candy. A door to door insurance salesman makes a Thanksgiving house call with monstrous consequences. Andrew and Sara are happily married and plan on spending some quality time together, but something sinister has other plans for their evening. Carol’s Christmas Eve turns into a fight for survival when a vengeful stranger isn’t feeling the holiday spirit. Lastly, a birthday party turns bloody when some unexpected guests drop by at the wrong time. Seven interwoven tales of terror, how many stories does your house have?


The Lady Killers – Dark Comedy – USA

Director:  Phil Leirness

Running Time:  110m

Seven men, several crimes, violence, murder, mystery, misogyny. It is just a game. It is just a movie. It is just “locker room talk.”


S.M.A.R.T.  – Documentary  – USA

Director:  Justin Zimmerman

This showing is the Washington State Premier of the Documentary S.M.A.R.T. S.M.A.R.T. has been winning awards at film festivals across the country.  S.M.A.R.T. is the story of the members of the Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team. In Los Angeles, these highly trained and passionate animal lovers risk life and limb to rescue all kinds of creatures in dangerous, often life-threatening, situations.


Short Films


Might – SF&F/Drama – Finland

Director:  Emil Sallinen

Running Time:  8:53m

Maryam, a rebel leader in an archaic world governed by ruthless religion, is set to prove that the god hovering in the sky is a lie. But she is stopped by a holy warrior that turns out to be her lost father. Soon their lives change as they are about to find out a secret only a god can keep.



Blight – Horror – USA

Director:  Brian Deane

Running Time:  15:40m

A young priest is sent to battle dark supernatural forces threatening a remote Island community.



Moom – Animation – Japan & USA

Director:  Robert Kondo & Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi

Running Time:  14:00m
Every forgotten object has a memory of its previous owner. Moom is one of those memories stuck in this world.



Gorilla – Comedy/Drama – France

Director: Tibo Pinsard

Running Time:  14:05m

Hollywood, 1952. Henry Corso performs as a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adventure movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle. But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man.



The Secret World of Foley – Documentary – UK

Director:  Daniel Jewel

Running Time:  13:21m

Witness the magic of moviemaking and journey into the little known world of Foley Artists, who bring films to life with their perfectly-timed sound-effects.



Lost Face – Drama/Thriller – Australia/Canada

Director:  Sean Meehan

Running Time:  14:00m

The mid 1800’s. Fur thief Subienkow must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him. He calls over the chief, Makamuk, and begins to bargain…


Fan Film

Hoshino – Star Wars Fan Film – Fan Film – USA

Director: Stephen Vitale

Running Time: 7:02m

The tale of blind Jedi Master Ko Hoshino and her journey to becoming one with the force…

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