Day 3: Sunday October 22, 2017


2031 – SF&F – USA – PG-13
Director: Catero Colbert
Running Time: 5:00m
In this action-packed short featuring Michelle Rodriguez, chaos becomes the new world order when robots designed to serve mankind form an army to destroy it. One man discovers the source of the uprising and enlists the help of an ex solider to stop it.
Beautiful Dreamer – SF&F – USA – PG-13
Director: David Gaddie
Running Time: 26:00m
Facing a terminal disease, a mother uses space travel and relativity to stretch her last two years over the lifetime of her baby daughter, building a relationship despite the longing and estrangement that mark seeing each other only once every seven years.
Eternity Hill – SF&F – USA – PG-13
Director: Alex Feldman, Marc Jozefowicz
Running Time: 16:22m
Eternity Hill takes place in a world of social media ubiquity, NSA surveillance, and technological wonder, where humans can now create virtual ‘Denizens’ of themselves that live on after they die, to bring comfort to those they once loved. With only weeks left to live, the creator of the revolutionary software that generates Denizens must find a new guardian and fight to keep it from falling into the hands of corrupt extremists who plan to use it for personal gain.
Getting Fat in a Healthy Way – SF&F – Bulgaria – PG-13
Director: Kevork Aslanyan
Running Time: 22:00m
In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the apartment he shares with his father Atanas. One day the beautiful stewardess who moves into the building will change Constantine’s life forever.
Xmile – SF&F – Spain – PG-13
Director: Miguel Ángel Font Bisier
Running Time: 13:00m
An accessible film for visually or hearing impaired. Year 2184. The Earth no longer produces oxygen. BioApps, created by a corporation, becomes the norm… body implants that allow humans to survive in the new order. Nature’s new order. Although the apps were designed to save us, they’ve become marketing tools that slowly trap our humanity. We’ve become surrounded by colors, holograms and social networks not of our choosing. Instead, society becomes transformed into senseless, unemotional robots. In this new world, what is the true cost of a real smile?
Justice Served – SF&F/Thriller – USA – PG-13
Director: Patrick Rea
Running Time: 12:56m
A young man is in jail and is awaiting trial. Accused of pushing a small girl in front of a moving vehicle, he’s approached by a lawyer who begins to encourage him to play along with the trial and coaxes him in to admitting what he’d done.
There Is No Place That Does Not See You – Drama – USA – PG-13
Director: Jenifer Yeuroukis
Running Time: 10:27m
Dance set to music
The Thick Black Line – Documentary – USA – PG-13
Director: Alexandra Moye
Running Time: 22:35m
A short documentary exploring the proposition of a coal export terminal on Native American treaty land.
Agent 327: Operation Barbershop – Animation – Netherlands – PG
Director: Colin Levy & Hjalti Hjalmarsson
Running Time: 3:51m
This three-minute teaser for a full-length animated feature is based on Dutch artist Martin Lodewijk’s classic comics series Agent 327. The Blender Animation Studio is currently developing the story and seeks for funding to bring this adventurous comedy animation film to an international audience.
Borrowed Time – Animation – USA – PG-13
Director: Lou Hamou-Lhadj & Andrew Coats
Running Time: 6:45m
A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.
Dernier Acte – Animation – France – PG-13
Director: Daphné Chabrier, Laura Hottot, Cecile Peyron
Running Time: 3:49m
In a theater, a man tries everything to save this magical place from destruction.
Genderness – Animation – Sweden – PG
Director: Anders Ramsell
Running Time: 7:00m
With his watercolor interpretation of the sci-fi classic “Blade Runner”
Moom – Animation – USA & Japan – PG-13
Director: Robert Kondo & Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi
Running Time: 14:00m
Every forgotten object has a memory of its previous owner. Moom is one of those memories stuck in this world.
Raven Steals the Light – Animation – Canada – PG-13
Director: Daniel Foreman
Running Time: 9:03m
Raven is the craftiest of all creatures. Be transported into a magical animated world where Raven is flying blindly in the endless night. He decides to steal all the light in the world from Sky Father, which is no easy task. The story is adapted from an ancient Haida (North Pacific Coast First Nations) myth.
Roger – Animation – Spain – PG
Running Time: 7:00m
Roger plays the leading role in an stop motion animation series. He suffers an accident on set that leaves him out of the series. All is lost for him, until something unexpected will change his fate.
Darrel – Animation – Spain – PG
Director: Marc Briones Piulachs
Running Time: 3:00m
Exchange of glances in the metro. How many opportunities have you let slip? Darrel will do everything possible to not let escape this one…
All the World is a Stage – Animation – Germany – PG-13
Director: Hannes Rall
Running Time: 1:30m
An animated adaptation of the famous Shakespeare poem “All The World’s A Stage” narrated by the renowned Shakespeare actor and director Samuel West (Royal Shakespeare Company).
Expedition – Animation – Canada – PG-13
Director: Anne-Marie Deguire, Elyse Gervais O’neill, Samuel Legris, Maxime Lepage
Running Time: 2:00m
A young delivery man has to carry a huge package in the middle of nowhere.
Hive – Animation – Canada – PG-13
Director: Adam Ciolfi
Running Time: 10:30m
The desperate survivors of a dying world search for meaning in their final hours.
Black Holes – Animation – USA – PG-13
Director: David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas & Kevos Van Der Meiren
Running Time: 12:13m
Dave Nicholson is a distinguished astronaut entrusted with humanity’s most important leap into the future—the conquest of Mars and outer space. On the eve of Mission Mars Premium, Dave discovers he’s being teamed up with a sentient melon who outshines him in intelligence and charm. Not only a brilliant strategist but also the reincarnation of a fashion designer, the melon encroaches more and more on Dave’s jurisdiction, driving him to the brink of paranoia and insanity.
Mr. Sand – Animation – Belgium – PG-13
Director: Soetkin Verstegen
Running Time: 8:15m
A dreamy animated documentary about the dangers of early cinema. The atmosphere of old film theatres is recalled through a mixture of handmade techniques. In the back of the story moves Mr. Sand, a mysterious character. Real or imagined.
Portrait of a Wind-up Maker – Animation – Spain – PG
Running Time: 4:00m
Chema is an expat architect from Spain who lives in Amsterdam. He has built up a new life there as a wind-up toy maker. He creates small pieces of art from recycle items.
Purple Dreams – Animation – Turkey – PG
Director: Murat Saygıner
Running Time: 2:14m
A short animated film about the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius..
X-Story – Animation – Russia – PG-13
Director: Vitaliy Shushko
Running Time: 13:30m
Apparently on a search for treasure, our bionic anti-hero meets his match in the form of a robotic watchdog (of sorts) designed solely for destruction. However, he quickly discovers that the treasure isn’t money, it’s control over this robotic super-weapon, and with that control comes infinite power. And what’s the only thing more sought after than money? That’s right, power.
Ticking Away – Animation – Netherland – PG-13
Director: Michael Sewnarain
Running Time: 9:25m
A solitary watchmaker seeks consolation and meaning in his daily routine. Then, one evening, he is offered a very eccentric watch to repair…
I’m Scared – Animation – USA – PG-13
Director: Pete Levin
Running Time: 4:59m
Based on the art of contemporary pop-surrealist/street-artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, ‘I’m Scared’ tells the story of young insomniac Ralf, who’s kept awake by all the bumps in the night. In Seussian rhyming couplets, Ralf describes to his little brother all of the dangers that lurk in the shadows, waiting to devour the two of them. ‘I’m Scared’ is a fun, spooky, and immersive tale, brought to life through intricate hand-crafted stop-motion animation. Featuring the first instrumental score composed by Mark Hoppus (of the band Blink-182).
Macabre – Animation – Portugal – PG-13
Director: Jerónimo Rocha & João Miguel Real
Running Time: 20:00m
K just crashed his Mercedes-Benz into a tree, moments after trying to avoid running down a small wild animal that ran across his path. He is on a backwater road in the countryside and it’s a very dark night. His evening has only just begun…
(Otto) – Animation – Netherlands – PG
Director: Job, Joris & Marieke
Running Time: 10:00m
A woman who can’t have children steals the imaginary friend of a little girl and keeps this a secret from her husband. While the woman enjoys life with her imaginary child the gap between her and her husband grows bigger. When the little girl comes to claim back her imaginary friend, it’s the power of imagination that brings everyone together.
Three Fools – Animation – Denmark – PG-13
Director: Snobar Avani
Running Time: 6:31m
“Three Fools” discover the rise and fall of greed and how happiness is sometimes right in front of you. In a search for a place to settle down, the three friends Blue, Yellow and Green find their friendship being ruined by greed and headless competition. Only when Blue and Yellow have destroyed all surrounding natural resources in their race to build the tallest house on the beach they discover that Green has found the true values in life on a mountaintop, in modest harmony with nature and surrounded by family and love.