72hFC Film Entries: 2023

TRIFI 72 hour Film Challenge requirements:
Theme: Buried Treasure
Color: Red
Line: “Is that part of the plan?”
Gesture: Pinky Swear (aka crossed pinky fingers)

Past TRIFI 72 hour film challenge films can be found on our YouTube channel.


“Lost and Found” – No Clue Crew
“OVERDUE” – The Wall Flies
“Bonded” – CAW, Inc.
“Code Red” – Delta Studios
“Critical Fail” – Blue Tree Frogs
“Once Upon a Bro” – First Slice of Bread Studios
“Treasure” – FUB
“Red George” – Benji Timin Vargas Shorts
“Treasures of Yesterday” – Hanford Student Media
“Joe’s Treasure” – Wolfgrammys
“Finding Red Riding Hood” – Spirit Man Studios
“Hidden Picture” – Esme Films
“The Cat Jumped Over the Moon” – Revolutionary Pants.
“Red Letter” – Super Am8tures
“Who’s Worm is it Anyway?” – Michael Jub Inc.
“To Myself in Eight Years Time” – Riverrage Films