2022 TRIFI Film Award Winners

Animation Short Film

The Sprayer – Animation – Iran Director: Farnoosh Abedi
Running Time: 8:00m

In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private. So many of the people and soldiers do not even know how dose a plant grows or look like, until one day one of the soldiers finds a seed buried deep down in the dust and his curiosity is just the beginning of something extraordinary, something big, something revolutionary

Comedy Short Film

El Conquistador – Comedy – France. Director: Mathilde Bayle
Running Time: 19:30m

“The White Bag” is a spy-spoof movie based on classic black and white film noir and espionage movies. Filmed on location in San Rafael, California as a project for a class on filming and editing with smartphones and tablets taught at the Community Media Center of Marin (cmcm.tv) in 2015.

Documentary Short Film

1-2-3 The Len Barry Story – Documentary – USA Director: Tom Parkin
Running Time: 19:55m

Leonard Warren Borisoff, known professionally as Len Barry, was an American recording star, vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, record producer, author, and poet. In this documentary short, Len takes us through his musical journey as the lead singer of The Dovells and as a solo artist in the 1960s.

Documentary Feature Film

Honk – Documentary Feature – USA. Director: Cheryl Allison
Running Time: 41:05m

Dumped and alone at a city park, Honk spends his days dodging cars, begging for food and looking for friends. When Cheryl and Honk’s path cross unexpectedly, what follows is a story in which fairy tales are made. During an unprecedented time of lock downs and social distancing, this unlikely pair turn to each other for companionship. After Cheryl shares videos of their unusual friendship on social media, Honk becomes an overnight sensation. News and other media outlets share his story which results in people all over the world becoming invested in his well-being. Cheryl soon learns why Honk is alone and the two embark on an uncertain journey together. With close to 80K followers on Instagram, he has become a much needed symbol of hope, friendship and love during a time of overwhelming struggle and loss for so many.
HONK documentary was made possible through a generous grant from the Friends of the Bathhouse Cultural Center.

Drama Short Film

Inertia – Drama – UK Director: Mat Johns
Running Time: 18:13m

Rabia and Maddie, a pupil and teacher, form a friendship under the unlikeliest of circumstances.

Horror Short Film

Judy – Horror – USA
Director: Rene Rivas
Running Time: 24:13m

On the eve of her wedding, JUDY feels lost. Although happy to be engaged to her supportive and charming fiancé, PETER, she can’t help but feel hidden in the shadow of his success. As she longs for a deeper meaning to her life, Judy’s prayers are answered when a dark force calls out to her that night in her dreams. With a renewed sense of purpose, Judy proceeds down a new frightening path and embraces a change that will cost her everything she has ever known.

Horror Feature Film

Malibu Horror Story – Horror Feature – USA Director: Scott Slone
Running Time: 85m

Terror strikes when a team of paranormal investigators search a sacred Native American cave for clues in the unsolved disappearance of four local teens.

Fan Film

Scorekeeper: A Star Wars Fan Film – Fan – USA. Director: Roman Santa Croce
Running Time: 16:32m

An Elite Rebel Team infiltrates an Imperial outpost on a mission of securing an asset that has vital information. Unbeknownst to them, they are not the only ones on the hunt.

Music Video

Got to Move – Music Video – Germany. Director: Oltscho
Running Time: 3:36m

A man sits at a sushi bar, snacking on the world’s consumer comforts as they pass by, when he starts to get a bad case of indigestion …

Pacific Northwest Film

The Uptown – Documentary – USA Director: Connor McFarlane
Running Time: 17:23m

In this short documentary, you’ll dive into the lives of several small business owners from The Uptown Shopping Center and see what led them to own their unique shops, and what keeps them loving their jobs each day.

SF&F Short Film

Solus– SF&F short – UK
Director: Jonathan Brooks
Running Time: 12:45m

A lone astronaut aboard the ISS suddenly loses communication with Earth. He soon begins to experience a series of strange events that put him and the entire station at risk…

SF&F Feature Film

Paranormal Investigators – SF&F Feature – USA
Director: David Fowler
Running Time: 77:08m

When strange phenomena starts happening in a small town, 2 colleagues are called into action to investigate.